1041 Permit

CDOT and RTD submitted an application for a Boulder County 1041 permit for the proposed improvements associated with the CO 119 Safety and Mobility Improvements Project. A 1041 permit is required before construction can begin. Please visit Boulder County’s website to view the permit application and provide an official comment to Boulder County.

About the 1041 Permit Process

Per Colorado law, local jurisdictions have the right to regulate highways in their communities through a local permitting process. Boulder County requires CDOT apply for a 1041 permit before proceeding with construction of the CO 119 Safety and Mobility Improvements Project. Through the permitting application, CDOT submits information about the project’s purpose and need, design plans, environmental impacts, and public outreach activities.

Boulder County will review all public input received through the 1041 process. Boulder County’s Board of County Commissioners will hold a hearing and vote on whether to approve the permit.