Life Cycle Phases

Life Cycle Phases

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) defines the life cycles of the I-70 Mountain Corridor in five phases:

Phase 1: I-70 Mountain Corridor Planning, using the 6-Step Process, integrates with statewide planning efforts and develops plans for corridor-wide resources. 

Phase 2: Project Development, using the 6-Step Process, brings improvement concepts, environmental documents, and mitigation strategies to completion. Examples include Tier 2 documents and feasibility studies.

Phase 3: Project Design, using the 6-Step Process, develops construction plans for a project.

Phase 4: Project Construction, using the 6-Step Process, safely builds a functional transportation facility.

Phase 5: I-70 Mountain Corridor Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring, using the 6-Step Process, will inspect, monitor, assess, manage, and maintain completed facilities.

These five phases are consistent with the process that CDOT uses throughout the state to plan, design, construct, maintain, and operate its facilities. Work in each of the phases can be carried out using the 6-Step Process for decision making. Each phase has its own set of requirements and expectations, and the products developed at each phase provide inputs to the subsequent phases.