Public & Agency Involvement

Public Involvement

CDOT conducted three public meetings:

 Meeting No. 1
March 23, 2017

This public scoping meeting was held following identification of a recommended preferred alternative. The project team:

  1. Presented information from the PEL Study and the recommended preferred alternative;
  2. Reviewed the NEPA process;
  3. Presented the possible conceptual project elements; and
  4. Identified known issues and concerns.

 Meeting No. 2
Nov. 30, 2017

The project team presented the preliminary environmental review of the preferred alternative, including anticipated impacts and benefits.

The initial design concept of the preferred alternative was presented, and the team solicited public input for consideration before it finalized the environmental assessment document.

 Meeting No. 3
February 12, 2019

This public meeting was held during the 30-day public review period for the environmental assessment document. The purpose of this meeting was to gather public input for consideration before preparation of a decision document.

Agency Coordination

During the NEPA and preliminary design phase, the following groups closely coordinated:

  • FHWA;
  • Jefferson County;
  • City of Wheat Ridge; and
  • City of Arvada.

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