Sinton Trail Impacts

Bicycle/pedestrian alternate route – Sinton Trail at Ellston & Chestnut Street 

  • Beginning Monday, Nov. 27 users of the Sinton Trail will be directed to use the crosswalk over N. Chestnut Street to reconnect to the Sinton Trail.
  • This will remain in effect through late 2024.
  • The gravel underpass trail under Chestnut Street will be closed during this time.

Future temporary closures/detours of Ellston Street / Sinton Trail 

  • As part of the auxiliary lane project, the aging bridges on I-25 over Ellston Street will be reconstructed and widened.
  • This work will also require several short-term, temporary closures of portions of the Sinton Trail and Ellston Street under I-25.
  • Once this bridge/demolition work is scheduled, bike/pedestrian alternate routes will be put in place and signed.
Map showing closure of Sinton Trail
Sinton Trail closure map at the I-25 Garden of the Gods to Fillmore project