Sinton Trail Impacts

Sinton Trail is Open

Sinton Trail is currently open on the south side of Ellston Street under I-25. The trail will remain open through late August with intermittent closures. Trail users should be mindful of their surroundings while in the project area. This is an ongoing construction zone and will require intermittent closures for the safety of the traveling public and trail users. During closures follow detour signs or refer to detour map.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Bikers

Moving Through an Active Construction Site:

  • Wear Reflective Clothing: Enhance your visibility to construction workers and machinery operators by wearing bright, reflective clothing. Avoid dark or earth tone colors that blend into the environment and are hard to see.
  • Use a Helmet: If you are biking through the construction zone, always wear a helmet.
  • Carry Safety Gear: Equip yourself with necessary safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection, to shield against dust and debris.
  • Keep Earbuds Out: Avoid wearing earbuds or headphones. Keeping your ears free allows you to stay alert to warning sounds and construction activity around you.
  • Follow Posted Signs: Pay attention to and obey all posted signs and instructions. These are designed to guide you safely through the construction area.
  • Watch for Uneven Surfaces: Be cautious of uneven surfaces, holes, or loose gravel. These hazards can be particularly dangerous for cyclists or pedestrians.
  • Avoid Distractions: Stay focused on your surroundings and avoid using mobile devices while navigating through the construction zone.
  • Use Designated Paths: Stick to designated pathways or detours set up for trail users. Venturing into unauthorized areas can be hazardous.
  • Communicate with Workers: If unsure, ask construction workers for directions or clarification for how to move through the area safely.

Detour routes will be in effect during construction work and trail closure:

  • Bike/Pedestrian trail - alternate routes based on direction you are coming from (scan QR code for detour map):
    • South along Chestnut Street. This route will cross I-25 at the Uintah Street interchange and reconnect to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail using the grade separated crossing on the northside of Uintah Street.
    • North along Chestnut Street, north to Garden of the Gods Road, and reconnect to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail at the grade separated trail crossing east of Pikeview Reservoir.
    • Garden of the Gods Road, south on Chestnut Street, then west on Holland Park Boulevard.
  • Ongoing closure: The gravel underpass trail under Chestnut Street is closed during this time. This will remain in effect through late 2024.

*Construction work and schedule is weather dependent and subject to change.

Trail Users Detour Map I-25 Accel. Decel. Lanes from Garden of Gods to Fillmore
Sinton Trail users detour from Garden of Gods to Fillmore

Future temporary closures/detours of Ellston Street / Sinton Trail 

  • As part of the auxiliary lane project, the aging bridges on I-25 over Ellston Street will be reconstructed and widened.
  • This work will also require several short-term, temporary closures of portions of the Sinton Trail and Ellston Street under I-25.