CSS Process & Virtual Public Engagement

Virtual Public Engagement
June 29, 2020

2020 Virtual Public Engagement Summary

CDOT provided a virtual public engagement for the I-70 Exit 203 and Eastbound Auxiliary Lane Feasibility Study results. The virtual public engagement included a recorded presentation and the presentation slides, Exit 203 Revised Concept exhibit and the final feasibility study were available on the project webpage. The engagement information was posted on June 29, 2020 and public comments were received until July 27. A total of 33 comments were received. Many of the comments were similar, and the following are general comments and responses.

Many comments supported the outcome of the Feasibility Study and the Proposed Concept for the Exit 203 project. Several asked that it be implemented soon. There is currently no funding for implementation/construction of the Exit 203 proposed concept. CDOT is reviewing funding availability to advance the project to the next step of preliminary design to better position the project for future funding. CDOT will begin preliminary design once funding is available.

Several comments were related to preference for other alternatives than the Revised Concept (westbound ramp roundabout, eastbound ramp traffic signal, New Frontage Road Bypass and access restrictions at Dillon Dam Road/Lusher Court). The Feasibility Study developed and analyzed five interchange concepts for Exit 203. The Revised Concept addressed the traffic operation needs while maintaining a similar configuration for ease of users and is the most feasible and cost effective option. During future phases of project development, the Revised Concept will be confirmed as the proposed action for implementation.

The next steps for the Exit 203 interchange is to advance the design and traffic operations for the Revised Concept to the preliminary engineering and environmental clearance phase. CDOT is currently reviewing funding availability and plans to advance the design once funding is available. During the next phase of design additional traffic operation analysis along I-70, CO 9 and local roads will be completed. Additionally, the design will be advanced and optimized including more detail on the roundabouts, pedestrian and bicycle access and potential impacts to adjacent properties. During the environment clearance phase specific resource studies including noise analysis will be completed to understand existing conditions and potential impacts of the project.

Several comments were received related to improvements on I-70. CDOT is advancing the I-70 eastbound auxiliary lane project between Exit 203 and Exit 205 which will add an additional lane between from the existing eastbound Exit 203 on-ramp to the east side of Exit 205 connecting with the existing third lane at the eastbound Exit 205 on-ramp. No improvements to US6/SH 9 are included in this work. The project design will be complete in 2021 and construction is tentatively scheduled for 2022 but is dependent on available funding.

Public Engagement Presentation Materials

About the Public Engagement Process

Due to current limitations on public events during the COVID-19 pandemic, CDOT will provide virtual opportunities for public engagement. Information about this study will be shared and regularly updated on the I-70 Exit 203 Interchange in Frisco study website. Virtual public engagement includes, but is not exclusive to, the following process:

  • public notification in local newspaper
  • press release announcement for local media
  • emails to project stakeholders
  • public notification on CDOT’s Facebook and Twitter pages

All methods will alert the public and stakeholders to the opportunity to review the study details and how to provide feedback. To send feedback on this study, please email [email protected] or submit your comment online here. CDOT will document, record and review comments. Comments will be considered in the final design. CDOT encourages public input on all projects. 


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