Hazardous Materials

The following hazardous material issues should be considered for the I-70 Mountain Corridor:

  • Hazardous substances or petroleum products that are generated, stored, disposed of, or released on sites that may be impacted by proposed I-70 improvements
  • Regulated hazardous materials that are transported regularly on I-70, which will require continued transport on I‑70 in the future and accommodation in any proposed alternatives
  • Historic Mine Waste, including mine tailings and waste, from which the potential for contamination exists throughout the corridor

As alternatives to improve the I-70 Mountain Corridor are considered, they must take into account ways to avoid, minimize, and mitigate the impacts of hazardous materials. These hazardous materials are discussed in detail in the I‑70 Mountain Corridor Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement – Regulated Materials and Historic Mining Section.

The Evaluation Guidance details how I-70 Mountain Corridor alternatives will be evaluated. The Alternative Evaluation Guidance documents how healthy environment criteria will be used to determine how well an alternative is able to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts to biological resources. Criteria are provided for use at each level of alternative analysis.