The I-70 Mountain Corridor Core Values

Sustainability is an overarching value that creates solutions for today that do not diminish resources for future generations. Ideal solutions generate long-term benefits to economic strength, scenic integrity, community vitality, environmental health, and ecosystems.

Methods for decision making must be fair, open, equitable, and inclusive. Collaboration moves decision making beyond individual and agency interests. New ideas will always be considered with respect and an open mind.

Enhancing safety for all is paramount in all decisions.

A healthy environment requires taking responsibility to preserve, restore, and enhance natural resources and ecosystems.

Humankind’s past has contributed to the sense of place. The broad historic context is foundational to the corridor’s character and must be a part of every conversation.

We must respect the individuality of communities in a manner that promotes their viability. The character of the corridor is realized in the differences and commonalities of its communities.

Mobility and accessibility must address local, regional, and national travel by providing reliability, efficiency, and inter-connectivity between systems and communities.

Aesthetics will be inspired by the surroundings, protect scenic integrity, and incorporate the context of place. Timeless design continues the corridor’s legacy.


For a printable PDF of the I-70 Mountain Corridor Context Statement and Core Values click here.

What is a Core Value?

A Core Value describes something of significant importance to stakeholders -- something they respect and will work to protect and preserve.

Core Values must be honored and understood. Decisions and choices made along the I-70 Mountain Corridor should be influenced by and support the Core Values.