Partnerships Powered by Context

Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) recognizes that transportation projects are not only the responsibility or concern of engineers and constructors – or, for that matter, only the responsibility of the Department of Transportation or transportation agency. CSS calls for the interdisciplinary collaboration of technical professionals, local community interests groups, landowners, facility users, the public, and, essentially, any and all stakeholders who live and work near or use the facility.

It is through the CSS process and team approach that the owning agency gains an understanding and appreciation of community values and strives to incorporate or address these in the evolution of projects. This multidisciplinary approach begins conversations among the agencies and groups that have plans and responsibilities for resources within the area of a project. These conversations first identify common goals; then identify unique goals. This discovery leads to solutions that meet both the common and unique goals for a multitude of stakeholders.

Solutions for a much larger range of goals present themselves through the use of the CSS systems approach. Partnerships are forged through recognizing everyone’s goals, developing solutions that support all goals, and joining together to implement the solutions. Support from other resource agencies is gathered and dollars are brought to projects from new sources. This is an efficient and effective use of public resources, and cost savings are realized for all of the responsible agencies with a multiplied benefit to the community.

Tell Us Your Partnership Story

Everyone who uses CSS on a project in the I-70 Mountain Corridor can benefit from understanding how previous projects were successful. Tell us your story of a project partnership.

We are interested in knowing how you formed your partnership, who partnered, why the partners agreed to work together, what the multiplied benefits were, and whether you would do it again.

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