Military Access, Mobility & Safety Improvement Project Summary

Project Summary - Components

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This extensive safety and the mobility-improvement project will focus on strategically enhancing connectivity and accessibility at several military bases and facilities in and around Colorado Springs.

Project Component Complete!

  • Build an approximate mile-long passing lane on westbound CO 94 at mile point (MP) 5.5 to improve visibility and allow vehicles to safely pass along this stretch of highway
  • Addition of an eastbound turn lane between North Franceville Coal Mine Road and Blaney Road
  • Installing a signalized “jug handle” intersection at Blaney Road, thereby removing slow moving traffic from the passing lane, and greatly improving efficiency and resiliency
  • Widen an approximately 1.5-mile section of South Academy Boulevard to three lanes to alleviate recurring congestion.
  • Work will include drainage, lighting, striping, expanding the road into shoulders, modifying merge lanes and bridgework.

Project Component Complete!

The team improved Charter Oak Ranch Road and Santa Fe Avenue intersection, reconstructing the roadway out to Gate 19 of Fort Carson.

  • Install median barriers on a 7.5-mile stretch of I-25 between the exits at South Academy Boulevard and Santa Fe Avenue.
  • Other work includes widening the inside and outside shoulders to 12 feet,
  • Replacing two bridges across South Academy,
  • Work on six other bridges and
  • installing infrastructure to support transportation technologies.