Colorado Highway 94 Improvements Component

Project Update

Earthwork on west CO 94, between Mile Points MP 4.0-5.5, has progressed as scheduled. Utility work is underway on the new fiber line from US 24 to Enoch Road MP 7.0-5.0

Project 1: Colorado 94 Safety Improvements Overview:

MAMSIP is comprised of four discrete road projects in the Pikes Peak region, all of which are strategically important in the movement of personnel and equipment between nationally significant military facilities. One of the four projects is the CO 94 Safety Improvements. The addition of this infrastructure will improve visibility and allow for the safe passing of vehicles along this stretch of highway which has seen several fatalities in recent years. 

The two Air Force bases connected by Colorado Highway (CO) 94, Peterson and Schriever, are the global headquarters of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the Department of Defense’s (DOD) operational center for their Global Positioning Systems (GPS), respectively. Together, they employ approximately 15,000 military and civilian personnel.

Eastbound daytime traffic along CO 94 is characterized by recurrent congestion caused by steep grades, limited opportunities for passing, and a high volume of slow-moving heavy vehicles travelling to the Waste Management Landfill – Colorado Springs.

Heavy vehicles tend to queue up in the (left) passing lane of eastbound CO 94 more than a mile before the turn-off to the landfill on Blaney Road. This in turn shunts free moving traffic to the right-hand lane, thereby negating any travel efficiencies along the corridor. Limited sight lines due to queuing of heavy vehicles, coupled with steep grades, leads to the regular occurrence of significant accidents.

map of Air Force bases connected by Colorado Highway (CO) 94, Peterson and Schriever

The CO 94 project comprises of three elements, each aimed at improving safety and efficiency along the corridor. These three elements are:

  1. Addition of a westbound passing lane, increasing efficiency and safety conditions between North Franceville Coal Mine Road and US 24.
  2. Addition of an eastbound turn lane between North Franceville Coal Mine Road and Blaney Road, and installing a signalized “jug handle” intersection at Blaney Road, thereby removing slow moving traffic from the passing lane, and greatly improving efficiency of eastbound traffic.
  3. Installation of fiber from US 24 to Enoch Road, enabling future installation of ITS elements along the corridor and also enabling high speed communications for future planned development.


The safety enhancements relate to the potential to reduce crashes, improve infrastructure, and address physical deficiencies that contribute to crashes in the corridor. CDOT conducted a safety assessment for the corridor to evaluate the magnitude and nature of safety problems and analyze the causes of crashes. The proposed transportation improvements are mitigation measures to reduce crashes and improve safety in the corridor. These improvements include a westbound passing lane, intersection signalization, and improved left turn movement to address and significantly reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents. 

Project Cost and Schedule: 

The construction costs for the CO 94 Improvements is approximately $7.8M. Construction start Fall 2020 – Completion Spring 2021.

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