I-25 Mobility Hub Design - Lone Tree

About the Project

Colorado’s transportation system is evolving as the state continues to grow. Integrating modal choices into the transportation system enables the system to move goods and people throughout the network by providing multiple options to reach their destinations. CDOT’s “Mobility Hub” re-envisions the traditional park-and-ride transit stop.  The Mobility Hubs are transportation centers at select locations that emphasize multimodal options, seamless mode-to-mode transitions, real-time passenger information, passenger convenience, and opportunities to create transit-friendly development in surrounding areas.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is actively completing the design of the  Lone Tree Mobility Hub which includes both the northbound and southbound directional movements and hubs on I-25 in the City of Lone Tree, located in Douglas County. This transit improvement project will consist of constructing slip ramps along the I-25 northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp for use by Bustang transit services, a pedestrian bridge connecting the two transit stops, and sidewalks.

tractor preparing roadway for new concrete paving

October 2023 Concrete Paving Preparation

Project Benefits:

  • Affordable and reliable transportation on CDOT’s interregional express bus service, Bustang
  • Access to Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) light rail and local transit such as Lone Tree’s Link On Demand shuttle service
  • Connectivity through the Lincoln Avenue interchange to employment and housing as well as future trail improvements and the Lone Tree City Center

Project Goals:

  • Increase transit ridership and multimodal options
  • Increase safety, travel time, reliability, economic vitality, and air quality
  • Decrease the number of vehicle miles traveled by Colorado residents
  • Decrease or mitigate air pollution across the state
  • Decrease or mitigate growing congestion on corridors throughout the state

Project Facts

  • Budget: Approximately $22 million for design and construction
  • Timeline: Anticipated 2024 Construction
  • Location: I-25 just south of the Lincoln Avenue interchange in the
  • City: Lone Tree
  • County: Douglas
I-25 Lone Tree Mobility Hub Design Drawing Rev 10-24
I-25 Lone Tree Mobility Hub Design Rendering

Project Elements:

  • Bustang Bus Route slip ramps for both northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp
  • Bus shelters
  • Pedestrian Bridge
  • Sidewalk connectivity

Project Location:

This project is located on I-25 in the City of Lone Tree, between milepost 191.00 and milepost 193.5 in Douglas County.

Project Budget:

$20 million total estimated project cost for design and construction