Critical Bridges

Eight bridges within the I-270 Corridor Improvement project area are reaching the end of their useful life and are in critical need of replacement. These bridges are located on the west end of the I-270 corridor between Vasquez Boulevard and York Street and include the I-270 bridges over the South Platte River; Burlington Ditch; Brighton Boulevard, Union Pacific Railroad, and BNSF Railway; and the 60th Avenue and BNSF Railway.

  • In the last 10 years, CDOT has conducted 160 planned maintenance repairs and 65 emergency maintenance repairs. Repairs require lane and sometimes highway closures and contribute to the critical safety and travel delays on the corridor.
  • These repairs are becoming more frequently needed as the condition of the bridges has deteriorated. Since 2020, CDOT maintenance crews have spent $150,000 and 300 hours of traffic control to maintain these bridges, per year.
  • Once the environmental study is complete, replacing these bridges will be a top priority for the project’s first construction phase.
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