March 2013 Public Meeting

On March 6 and 7, 2013, CDOT hosted two open house public meetings for the State Highway 7 Planning and Environmental Linkage Study in Brighton and Lafayette.  The purpose of the open houses was to invite the public to review and provide input on the study’s findings and recommendations for the corridor. CDOT is finalizing the study and identifying ways to reduce congestion, improve operations, and enhance the safety of SH 7. The public was able to directly interact with the CDOT Project Team to ask questions and provide input.  Information that was provided will assist CDOT in finalizing the study. Below are the display boards that were shown at the public meetings. A summary of what was heard will be posted soon.

Welcome Photos of the Corridor
SH 7 PEL Study Area Map
Why Are the Transportation Improvements Needed
What Is The Purpose of Transportation Improvements
What Is A PEL Study?
Alternatives Evaluation Process
Existing & Forcasted Daily Traffic Volumes
Visuals SH7 West of I25
Visuals of SH7 East of I25
SH7 I25 Interchange Alternative Comparison
Design Option 1: Partial Cloverleaf Interchange
Design Option 2: Diverging Diamond Interchange
Intersection Example With Queue Jump Lanes
SH 7 West End Conceptual Plan
West Corridor Accesses
Central Corridor Accesses
East Corridor Accesses
Current & Recommended Access Categories
Bicycle and Pedestrian Elements
Safety Enhancements
Right of Way Preservation
How To Comment