Alternative Modes and Routes

1. What about bus service? Can more buses make it so the road doesn’t have to be expanded?

Answer: Bus service has been and will continue to be a part of the plan for US 24. The recommended alternative is the Midland Expressway which includes transit. This transit service package includes a new express bus service for commuters as well as the existing bus service for local riders. The alternative does not preclude resuming the historic trolley along Colorado Avenue for the local and tourist riders. Adding more bus service on US 24 does not reduce the need for additional capacity to the roadway.

2. Re: Homeland Security?
a): What consideration has been given to the possible need for residents and military personnel to evacuate area to mountain elevations in the event of flood, chemical attack, and nuclear attacks?
b): Need for alternative route(s) to Woodland Park/South Park?

Homeland Security issues are being handled by the appropriate federal agencies who deal with specific evacuation plans and procedures. For further local information, you may wish to contact the City of Colorado Springs Emergency Management Office at 385-5957.

Alternative routes to Woodland Park and points west were explored by the project team. A route from Monument over Mt. Herman Road to Woodland Park and other extensions do not reduce traffic on US 24 sufficiently to eliminate the need to improve the highway. Although other routes may improve the ability to evacuate the area, should there be an emergency, the charge of this project is to develop an alternative that improves mobility along US 24 in 2030.

3. Ridge Road needs a signal ASAP.
Then spend the remaining money to build Mt. Herman Road from I-25 to Monument and leave Highway 24 as is.

Answer: This summer a traffic signal warrant study was conducted by CDOT. The study concluded that Ridge Road does not meet the criteria for a signal. A signalized intersection at Ridge Road is one of the design options under consideration.

The Mt. Herman Road idea was explored earlier in the project and was not selected to move forward for a number of reasons. First, it did not attract enough traffic off of US 24 in the future to permit US 24 to remain unimproved. Second, the environmental impacts of such a road through a national forest were very high. Finally, the cost of constructing a new highway through the Pike National Forest was prohibitive.