Colorado Child Passenger Safety Law

Younger than 1

Age 1-3

Age 4-7

Age 8-15

Less than 20 lbs. Rear-facing safety seat in back seat only Rear-facing safety seat
20-40 lbs. Rear-facing safety seat Rear- or forward-facing safety seat Forward-facing safety seat or booster
Exceeds seat weight limit and 40+ lbs. Forward-facing safety seat or booster Forward-facing safety seat or booster Booster or seat belt

All safety seats should be installed and fitted according to the manufacturers' instructions and the vehicle owner's manual.

Statute 42-4-236

Proper use of a booster seat and seat belt means the shoulder belt crosses the shoulder and chest (not the neck or face), and the lap belt lies flat across the upper thighs (not the stomach).

Parents and caregivers are responsible for properly restraining a child and will be ticketed if they fail to do so.

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