Fines and Points

The last thing your teen wants is to lose her newly acquired driving privileges. Insist that she understand all the nuances of traffic laws—including GDL restrictions. Violating any one of these can result in a revoked license and lost driving freedom.

>     Each violation costs two points.

>     It takes only three violations (six points) through age 18 for a license suspension.

>     Violations often carry steep fines and include community service.

Penalties for seat belt, curfew and passenger restriction violations:

ViolationFineHours of Community ServiceLicense Suspension Points
1st Offense Minimum $65 8 to 24 2
2nd Offense Minimum $100 16 to 40 2
Subsequent Offense Minimum $150 16 to 40 2

Penalties for cell phone ban violation:

For violating the no talk/text law, teens can be fined 1 point off their license and a $57 fine for the 1st offense, and $107 for subsequent offenses.