2020 campaign kicks off with Valentine’s Day promotion

Traffic Safety Pulse News

In honor of Valentine’s Day, CDOT partnered with Lightshade dispensary to put a new spin on flowers and love letters in an effort to reduce cannabis-impaired driving. The agency handed out cannabis-themed bouquets and “sweedheart” valentines that contained information about Colorado’s cannabis-impaired driving laws and safety recommendations. Dispensary patrons were encouraged to share the cards and bouquets with their loved ones and “Protect the ones you love.” 

The promotion was intended to help educate consumers — and their family and friends — about the dangers of cannabis-impaired driving. Through its Cannabis Conversation, CDOT found that dispensaries and budtenders are among the most trusted messengers when it comes to information about cannabis. CDOT has partnered with dispensaries in the past to help educate consumers on the laws and regulations surrounding cannabis-impaired driving and decided to get creative for Valentine’s Day outreach. 

Feedback from CDOT’s Cannabis Conversation also found that people who drive under the influence of cannabis often expect passengers to intervene if they feel unsafe, but passengers said they generally do not speak up even when they are uncomfortable. CDOT hopes the “sweedheart” valentines act as an outlet for people to encourage their loved ones to make responsible choices. 

Access the media kit with photos here.