420 Fest is back — and we’re still committed to getting everyone home safely

CDOT returns to the Mile High 420 Festival

A graphic that shows the front side of a trivia card. A yellow banner that reads “Cannabis trivia” covers the left side. On the right side of the card, questions read “When was THC, the active compound in cannabis, discovered?”, “Can you receive a DUI for driving high?”, “Can law enforcement tell when you’re high?” and “When was cannabis likely first used as an herbal medicine in Asia?”. The bottom of the card directs readers to visit the website, DriveHighDUI.com. CDOT hosted a booth at this year's Mile High 420 Festival at Denver's Civic Center Park to put cannabis consumers' knowledge of marijuana and safe driving to the test with a "cannabis quiz.The interactive game show-style quiz aims to raise awareness about the risks of driving after consuming cannabis and promote alternative ways to get home safely. Festivalgoers who visit the CDOT booth are welcome to challenge a friend, partner, or stranger to a head-to-head trivia battle.

Festival attendees were encouraged to stop by the CDOT booth to learn more about Colorado DUI laws, how cannabis impairs driving ability, and facts that highlight the risks of driving under the influence of cannabis. CDOT distributed educational materials and provide Lyft ride credits to promote safe transportation options for festivalgoers to get home safely.

To take the quiz and test your knowledge, click here!