A designated driver should be sober, not just the “most sober.”

Driving under the influence of any substance is dangerous and illegal.

Man driving car, using GPS. Text overlay reads "a designated driver means a sober driver"It’s the weekend, thank goodness. A friend texts you about a party later, and you begin circulating plans in the group chat. Your roommate, who isn’t too keen on “partying” but still wants to hang out, offers to drive. Perfect. 

En route to the party, your roommate takes a detour and pulls into a dispensary. As he gets out of the car, he says, “I’ll be right back, just have to pick up a little something.” Shoot…This guy only offered to drive because he doesn’t think driving high is bad. Or dangerous. Or maybe even thinks he’s a better driver when he’s high. 

Your mind races with other options. Do you care? Is driving high or drunk worse? Do you try to stop him? Cancel your plans? No, no, that’s dramatic. 

When your roommate returns to the car, you’ve made up your mind. You’ll head back home and schedule a rideshare to come take you to and from the party. You’ll both enjoy your night, carefree and having fun, knowing you’ll have a REAL sober ride. If your roommate protests, you’ll remind him that driving under the influence of anything is dangerous. Just because you enjoy beer and he enjoys marijuana, doesn’t mean one of you is “more sober” to drive. 

Whatever your vice may be, driving impaired is dangerous and illegal. On average, there are around 20,000 DUI arrests in Colorado each year. Think cops can’t tell when you’re high? They sure can

Driving high is a trend we have to nip in the “bud.” There is always a better alternative than driving impaired. For our full guide to getting home safe, click here.