Be Mindful How You Move. Don’t Drive High.

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In 2017, CDOT initiated a campaign designed to engage Coloradans through The Cannabis Conversation, a multi-year undertaking to learn about behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes related to cannabis consumption and impaired driving. Researchers interacted with tens of thousands of residents to better understand messaging approaches, motivations, and influencers, as well as methods to influence positive behavior change and establish safe norms. As a part of this effort, CDOT also invited Denver area African American community leaders to a Conversation, specifically to gain a deeper understanding of the attitudes, perspectives, trusted messengers, and behaviors surrounding marijuana-impaired driving within the African American community.

Following these meetings, a statewide consumer survey was conducted designed to identify cultural preferences and beliefs associated with drug-impaired driving within the Black community. The analysis and reporting included all respondents who identified as Black or African American, including respondents who also selected other race groups. Put another way, the study included both people who identified their race as solely Black or African American and people who identified as being multi-racial with Black or African American as one of their racial groups. 

We asked about the participants’ experiences with people driving high and how they have been affected by high drivers. Additionally, we asked questions that tested (and ultimately confirmed) our understanding that most people in this demographic prefer a serious tone for this topic, that most people within this demographic believe there are racial biases related to cannabis-impaired driving, and that being arrested is a substantial deterrent to driving high for people who are Black or African American. Survey respondents — and leaders — also suggested that the community would likely be most receptive to a strong, relevant message coming from a respected member of the community along with proud, vibrant visual imagery.

Meet the Artist:

Known for his realistic style, Hiero Veiga, is a Denver contemporary graffiti writer, muralist, and fine artist. Few Denver artists have been as relentless in their commitment to street art portraiture as Hiero Veiga and Thomas “Detour” Evans. The two recently completed a mural of George Floyd, located at Colfax Avenue and High Street. @hieroveiga

Meet the Model:

DJ Musa is a prominent Denver business owner, dad, artist, music producer, and poet who’s bold, yet thoughtful and wise, commentary provides an insightful look into today’s community challenges. @musabailey

Check out the art:

You can see the mural at BGood dispensary located at 11 W Hampden Ave #102, Englewood, CO 80110. 

Be Mindful How You Move. Don't Drive High.