Common Myths About Driving High

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Just because you hear it… doesn’t make it right.

We created this video series to address some of the most common myths around driving high, and encourage you to download and share these videos on your social feeds.

YouTube playlist: Common Myths About Driving High 

Myth 1: Police can’t tell when I drive high

Colorado law enforcement are trained to detect impairment from alcohol and drugs. The main factor leading to a DUI arrest is the law enforcement officer’s observation of impairment. Many officers are specially trained Drug Recognition Experts who have the ability to detect physical and psychophysical signs of drug impairment. DREs are viewed as one of the most effective law enforcement tools in efforts to reduce drugged driving.

Myth 2: I drive better when I’m high

Some people believe that they’re better drivers when they’re high. Research shows that cannabis affects the critical abilities needed to drive such as reaction time, decision making, and the perception of time and distance, along with several others. Visit to learn more.

Myth 3: I drove here, so I have to drive home

Driving yourself home is never the only option. If you plan to consume marijuana, also make the choice to find a safe and sober ride home. Order a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft or call a friend to pick you up, but never drive impaired.

Myth 4: I can smoke and drink a little and be fine

Even if you’re below the BAC legal limit for alcohol and the Delta-9 THC legal limits, mixing cannabis and alcohol significantly amplifies impairment and still puts you at risk of a DUI.

Myth 5: I have a high tolerance, so I’m OK to drive

Regardless of how often you consume, driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous and illegal. A DUI can exceed a total financial cost of $13,500 and can include jail time, loss of license and more. It’s just not worth it. For more information on DUI consequences, visit

Visit for more information about marijuana-impaired driving in Colorado.