Mile High 420 Fest is back. So is our goal to get everyone home safe.

Drive High? DUI.

CDOT_Drugged_420-Web_220414.jpgCan a law enforcement officer tell if you’re high? When was cannabis first used recreationally? Can I get a marijuana DUI? So many questions — can you answer them all?
As the Mile High 420 Festival returns this year, CDOT in partnership with AAA Colorado and Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) will test your knowledge with their cannabis quiz about general cannabis facts and safe-driving know-how. Winners will receive Lyft rideshare credit.
Asking yourself what to do on 420 in Denver? Stop by to ask us anything about how cannabis impairs your ability to drive, about Colorado DUI laws, or about the facts that support that cannabis impairment is dangerous and not worth the risk — on 4/20 or any other day of the year.
We want you and your loved ones to get home safely.