Traffic Control Supervisor Program

The Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) is responsible for designing, setting up, and maintaining temporary traffic control in a work zone.  Per CDOT Specification 630.11, the Traffic Control Supervisor shall be certified as a worksite traffic supervisor by an authorized entity and shall have a current flagger certification from an authorized entity. The CDOT maintains separate training requirements depending on one's role on a construction project and more information can be found on this page. 

TCS Endorsement - The endorsement issued by CDOT or other approved vendors upon completing the 2-day Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) training and passing the exam.

TCS Certification - The certification issued by approved vendors upon completing the 2-day Traffic Control training, passing the exam, and obtaining the required number of in-field hours set forth by the specific training vendor.

Approved vendors include:

  • American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)
    Exam passing score of 82%, 4,000 in-field hours to obtain a TCS Certification, and a 4-year recertification period.

  • Colorado Contractors Association (CCA)
    A 3-year recertification period.

  • National Safety Council (NSC)
    A 2-year recertification period.

  • Western Colorado Contractors Association (WCCA)
    A 3-year recertification period.

If an individual decides to pursue TCS Certification, the individual is responsible for tracking in-field hours. Currently, in-field hours consist of flagging duties, flagging labor duties, and performing TCS responsibilities in an apprentice structured format.

All Traffic Control Supervisors must obtain and maintain a TCS Certification through an approved vendor. 

All Contractor Superintendents must obtain and maintain a TCS Endorsement through an approved vendor.

CDOT personnel are required to obtain and maintain their TCS Endorsement per Policy Memo 22. Employees will receive a notice that this training is "mandatory" in their LMS. If you feel that you are exempt from this requirement (due to non-construction activity and/or work duties), please contact your supervisor and then TETP to remove yourself from this requirement. CDOT employees can contact TETP and request additional trainings through TETP's Learning Lane.  Employees who will be assigned this requirement include:

  • CDOT Division of Maintenance & Operations personnel, including these roles:
    • TM II and above
  • CDOT Resident Engineers
  • Other CDOT personnel who work on construction projects, including these roles:
    • EPST, EIT, CEPM, and PE
  • CDOT new hires to the above listed roles must complete the training within 12 months of their hire date.

The CDOT's Division of Maintenance & Operations Training Services (MOTS) offers this endorsement free of charge for CDOT employees. The MOTS endorsement expires after 3 years at which point the employee must update their endorsement. 

  • CDOT personnel working for the Division of Maintenance & Operations shall complete the training and endorsement offered through the MOTS team.
  • All other DOT personnel who need to take this training are strongly encouraged to complete the training and endorsement offered through MOTS, given there is no cost when taking the training from MOTS.
  • If a CDOT employee takes this training from an external vendor, they must first gain approval from their Division management and also use funds from their Division Cost Center to cover the costs of the class.