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Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

The 2020-2023 Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP) replaces the 2014-2019 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). It established a collaborative and shared vision and mission for transportation in Colorado and identifies key safety needs in Colorado for guiding investment decisions towards strategies and countermeasures with the highest potential to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

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Crash Data Dashboards

Transportation safety is a top priority for Colorado. CDOT Traffic Safety & Engineering Services developed performance dashboards displaying all reporting public roadway crashes in Colorado to better understand numbers, causes, types, and locations of crashes in order to develop effective countermeasures and to meet performance targets.

Disclaimer: Colorado traffic crashes as presented in the dashboard are approximate and subject to change The official number of traffic fatalities in Colorado can be found on NHTSA's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) site.

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Traffic S-Standards

The design and maintenance of state highways relies on thorough standard drawings. The Design, Assets and Policy reviews national standards to develop and maintain the s-standards that contains details common for safety, such as delineators, lighting, signs, sign supports, traffic signals and accessories, pavement markings, and traffic control. 

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About Us

Our Mission

Strategically reduce traffic crashes and resulting deaths, injuries, and property damage; and to improve the flow of traffic through application of traffic engineering principles.

Our Vision

Become the state agency sought-out leader for applying traffic engineering principles to improve traffic safety and maximize the operations of the highway system, and the foremost resource of crash data, analysis, and engineering strategies - and mitigation for improving highway safety and operational efficiency.

Our Values

We work, think, and live safety. We value our employees. We earn Colorado's trust by satisfying our customers. We are committed to quality. We respect each other.

Our branch exists to support CDOT's five regions, our headquarters divisions, and the greater transportation community in Colorado and the nation to achieve the safest and best operating transportation system possible for our customers. Our diverse team of problem solvers - made up of engineers, technicians, data professionals and support staff - provide services and consultation to our regions in many traffic engineering, operations, and safety areas.

We assist CDOT, other state agencies and local agencies in making data-driven, prioritized decisions by collecting and connecting vast amounts of data, analyzing it, providing safety performance mapping and analysis, and sharing it internally and statewide for use in CDOT strategizing and program and project development.

We facilitate statewide discussion and establishment of policies, procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines, best practices, strategies, and products that improve the safety and reliability of our network.

We administer funded programs with the regions to deliver projects and strategies that improve the safety and reduce bottlenecks and other cause of congestion. We further advise all CDOT projects on strategies every project can employ opportunistically to improve safety and operations.

Our team holds a vast amount of experience and expertise in the above areas, and we also have a vast network of experts we work with to learn and deploy the best practices possible - from Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) Division, Resource Center, and HQ to the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) network of our nation's traffic engineering and operations professionals, to our local agencies, to the consulting and contracting associations and members, and with several others.

In summary, through data analysis, planning, and engineering, we work to prevent crashes and congestion from occurring and where they do, we use our knowledge and expertise, and the many strategies known to us to solve those issues for the BEST and SAFEST trip our customers expect and deserve.

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