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Outside CDOT Resources

View some of our top-requested phone numbers and websites below:

Bus Schedule/Information (RTD - Metro Denver) 303-299-6000
Carpooling, Vanpooling, School Pool & Guaranteed Ride Home (Way to Go) 303-458-7665
CDL Licenses (State of Colorado, Dept. of Revenue) 303-205-5879
Colorado Motor Carriers Association 303-433-3375
Commercial Drivers License Medical Forms
Complaints against moving companies, taxi cabs (Public Utilities Commission) 303-894-2000
Damage Claims Against the State 303-866-3848
Risk Management  (in state) 800-268-8092
Denver Regional Council of Governments 303-455-1000
DOT Numbers/instate trucks (Colorado State Patrol) 303-273-1875
DOT Numbers/interstate trucks (FHWA, FMCSA) 720-963-3130
Drivers Licenses (State of Colorado, Dept. of Revenue) 303-205-5600
E-470 Toll Questions 303-537-3470
Emissions Testing - Air Care Colorado 303-456-7090
Enforcement Questions - State Patrol 303-239-4500
Colorado State Patrol
Handicapped Permits/Parking 303-205-5607
Motor Carrier Enforcement - State Patrol 303-273-1875
Northwest Parkway Toll Questions 303-533-1200
Port of Entry - CSP, MCS, POE 303-273-1870
Retirements (PERA - State Employees) 303-832-9550
PERA Toll free 800-759-7372
State Employee Counseling (C-SEAP) 303-866-4314
Tourism Information 1-800-COLORADO
US DOT/Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) 720-963-3000
US DOT/FHWA Motor Carrier Office (FMCSA) 720-963-3130
Vehicle Registration (Dept. of Revenue) 303-205-5607
Vehicle Titles (Dept. of Revenue) 303-205-5608