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Local Government Liaison

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CDOT's local government liaisons enhance and improve the Transportation Commission and CDOT's relationship with local governments. Local governments are one of CDOT's most active and vocal constituencies because the transportation planning process is a locally driven, grass-roots effort. The impacts of transportation issues and projects are often felt the greatest at the local level.

Local government liaisons provide strategic and analytical support from a policy perspective to the executive director, executive management team and Transportation Commission on transportation issues of concern to local governments. The position also helps to communicate to local governments the issues being considered by the Transportation Commission and how those issues may impact individual local communities.

For specific questions, please contact:

  • Eric Richardson
    Local Government Liaison
    Southeast, Northeast and Southwest Colorado (CDOT Regions 2, 4 and 5)
    [email protected]

  • Aaron Greco
    Local Government Liaison
    Denver Metro Area and Northwest Colorado (CDOT Regions 1 and 3)
    [email protected]

If an elected official keeps only one CDOT number in his/her contact list, it should be 303-757-9772—the number of the Office of Policy & Government Relations.

Office staff will research your questions, visit with your constituents or help explain the various transportation processes in layman's terms.

CDOT at a Glance
  • * Maintains, repairs and plows over 23,000 total lane miles of highway
  • * Maintains 3,447 bridges
  • * Oversees 28 billion miles of vehicle travel annually
  • * Plows about 6 million lane miles each year
  • * Spends $69 million annually on snow removal
  • * Keeps over 35 mountains passes open year-round
  • * Monitors 278 of 522 avalanche paths
  • * Administers about $11 million in federal grants for transit operators and $41 million in federal aviation grants for airports
  • * Manages over $5 million in federal grants for safe driving programs
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