Approve Contractor Utilization Plan

Approve contractor Utilization Plan training guides & process map for Primes, DBEs, project oversight, and CDOT Civil Rights for design-bid-build construction projects.

Design-Bid-Build Construction Projects

Training Guides

All training materials listed below are in development and will be uploaded upon completion. Training guides correspond to step numbers in the process map. 

  • 3-1 Complete Form 1414 (Anticipated Participation Plan) - Prime
  • 3-3 Complete Section 1 of Form 1415 (DBE Commitment Confirmation) for all DBEs listed on Form 1414 - Prime 
  • 3-4 Complete Section 2 of Form 1415 - DBE 
  • 3-5 Complete Form 1416 (Good Faith Effort Report) - Prime
  • 3-6 Complete Utilization Plan in B2GNow system - Prime
  • 3-2 Review Form 1414 and send notice to apparent low responsive bidder to complete Utilization Plan in B2GNow on the day of bidding
  • 3-7 Review submitted Utilization Plan and associated Form(s) 1415 and 1416
  • 3-8 Approve Utilization Plan in B2GNow
  • 3-9 Conduct Good Faith Effort Review

State email address required in order to access Civil Rights documents

Process Map

Approve Contractor Utilization Plan.png

Download PDF of Approve Contractor Utilization Plan process map (print-friendly)

Text version of Approve Contractor Utilization Plan process map under development.