Validate DBE Counting (Form 1432)

Validate DBE counting training guides & process map for Primes, project oversight, and CDOT Civil Rights for design-bid-build construction projects.

Design-Bid-Build Construction Projects

Training Guides

All training materials listed below are in development and will be uploaded upon completion. Training guides correspond to step numbers in the process map. 

  • 10-1 Complete Section 1 of Form 1432 when DBE First Begins Work (Contractor)
  • 10-2 Complete Section 2 of Form 1432 within 10 Days of Beginning Work (DBE)
  • 10.3 Complete Section 3 of Form 1432 Within 10 Days of Receipt from DBE (Contractor)
  • 10-4 Complete Section 4 of Form 1432
  • 10-5 Conduct further Review of DBE CUF
  • 10-6 Update Payments for non-CUF Activities as Not Counting Toward the DBE Goal in B2GNow System
  • 10-7 File Completed Form 1432 in B2GNow System

State email address required in order to access Civil Rights documents

Process Map

Validate DBE Counting (Form 1432) 10-0.png

Download PDF of Validate DBE Counting process map (print-friendly)

Text version of Validate DBE Counting process map under development.