Out of State Applicants

Prior to applying for DBE Certification in Colorado, firms must be certified in their home state.

What's Required

  • Proof of current, valid DBE certification from its home state 
  • Completed application (includes basic information for firm)

Interstate Application Review Process

CDOT processes interstate DBE applications in order of submission. The following steps outline the basic process for interstate DBE applications: 

1. Submission: Once your application has been submitted through the system, you will receive an instant notification confirming submission. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all necessary documents are received by CDOT. 

2. File Review: The application will be assigned to an analyst. The analyst will verify that the applicant firm has a current, valid certification from its home state. The analyst will also identify the work codes for which the firm will be certified as a DBE in Colorado. 

3. Approval: Upon approval, the applicant firm will be notified that it has been certified and placed on the Colorado Unified Certification Program's DBE Directory. 

Please note that this is the basic process for processing interstate application materials. At any time, CDOT may choose not to accept an applicant firm's home state certification pursuant to 49 CFR 26.85(c). In these instances, an applicant firm may be requested to provide any and all documentation related to its DBE certification(s) in any state before a certification decision is rendered.