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Updated on July 28, 2017.
File Clarification of Submittal Requirements for Low Bidder
2017-1. July 27, 2017. This clarifies the requirement of the Low Bidder to submit documents to the Local Agency by 4:30 p.m. on the fifth calendar day after bid opening as shown on page 7-5 and 7-6 of the Local Agency Manual.
File Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Requirements for Locally Administered Federal-aid Projects
2016-1. March 31, 2016. This Local Agency Bulletin updates the Local Agency Manual (Manual) to reflect the December 26, 2013 standard special provision, “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Requirements”.
File Submittals Required for Off- and On-System Bridges and other Structural Work on Locally Administered Federal-aid Projects
2015-2. November 6, 2015. Revised several Local Agency documents.
File Fabrication Inspection Procedures for Locally Administered Federal-aid Projects
2015-1. July 17, 2015. The reason for these changes is to ensure that quality inspection is taking place for fabricated items.
File Buy America Documentation & Requirements for Locally Administered Federal-aid Projects
2014-3. December 31, 2014. Domestically manufactured steel and iron products must be used in Federal-aid funded projects in accordance with Buy America regulatory provisions found in 23 CFR §635.410. . Foreign steel installed on a project, in excess of the federally allowable monetary limits, can jeopardize funding for the entire project, as well as the entire corridor.
File Local Agency Maintained Project Profile in SAP
2014-1. May 29, 2014. The purpose of this Local Agency Bulletin is to clarify what constitutes a Local Agency Maintained Project, and what qualifies as a Local Agency Maintained Project that should be created using Z000002 “LA Mntd and NonEng Projects” Project Profile in SAP transaction code ZJ08.
File CDOT Use of Risk Assessment in Oversight of Local Agency Projects
2013-1. December 5, 2013. CDOT's policy on Risk Assessment and Management practices for Local Agency projects.
File Timely Submittal of Final Documentation and Final LA Invoices
2012-4. June 1, 2012. (Revised on June 1, 2013.) Local Agencies must assemble and submit all supporting project documentation and the final invoice to CDOT, no later than six months of project acceptance, so that reimbursement can be completed and the project closed out in a timely manner.
File CDOT Oversight of Local Agency Projects During Construction
2012-3. June 1, 2012. CDOT will conduct random project reviews during construction of the project to ensure that the project is being administered in accordance with the Contract and IGA.
File Documentation for Interim Payments to the Contractor
2012-2. June 1, 2012. As a requirement for receiving federal funds, Local Agencies must inspect and document the contractor’s work on the project.
File “Responsible In Charge” Requirements for Federal-Aid Funded Local Agency Projects
2012-1. June 1, 2012. The Local Agency will need to have a full time employee that is “responsible in charge” for the project.
File Quality Assurance Review Recommendations for Work Zone Traffic Control
2011-1. July 28, 2011. To ensure that the work zone traffic control requirements are addressed on all federal aid construction projects.
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