Local Agency Bulletins

Retention of Records, and Electronic Signing / Sealing Requirements for Local Agency Projects

2020-2. June 15, 2020. CDOT is transitioning from paper to accepting all submittals, forms, Project Records and supporting documents in electronic format on Local Agency Projects. This Local Agency Bulletin reflects current technology as of 2020. Users should feel free to work in partnership with CDOT staff to continue to advance this effort in between updates to the Local Agency Manual. The effective date of the requirements is July 1, 2020.

Guidance and Best Practices to address the effects of Global Pandemics (COVID-19) on Local Agency Projects

2020-1. April 13, 2020. Due to concerns regarding health and safety related to the current Global Pandemic (COVID-19) on active construction projects, Local Agencies should require Contractors to update their Project Safety Management Plan in accordance with Standard Specification 107.06, Safety, Health, and Sanitation Provisions. This specification states that the Contractor shall, “…provide updates to the (Project Safety Management) Plan as necessary, and as work conditions or personnel changes.”

Clarification of Submittal Requirements for Low Bidder

2017-1. July 27, 2017. This clarifies the requirement of the Low Bidder to submit documents to the Local Agency by 4:30 p.m. on the fifth calendar day after bid opening as shown on page 7-5 and 7-6 of the Local Agency Manual.

Buy America Documentation & Requirements for Locally Administered Federal-aid Projects

2014-3. December 31, 2014. Domestically manufactured steel and iron products must be used in Federal-aid funded projects in accordance with Buy America regulatory provisions found in 23 CFR §635.410. . Foreign steel installed on a project, in excess of the federally allowable monetary limits, can jeopardize funding for the entire project, as well as the entire corridor.

Local Agency Maintained Project Profile in SAP

2014-1. May 29, 2014. The purpose of this Local Agency Bulletin is to clarify what constitutes a Local Agency Maintained Project, and what qualifies as a Local Agency Maintained Project that should be created using Z000002 “LA Mntd and NonEng Projects” Project Profile in SAP transaction code ZJ08.

Timely Submittal of Final Documentation and Final LA Invoices

2012-4. June 1, 2012. (Revised on June 1, 2013.) Local Agencies must assemble and submit all supporting project documentation and the final invoice to CDOT, no later than six months of project acceptance, so that reimbursement can be completed and the project closed out in a timely manner.