CDOT ORD Workspace_2022.R3-01-10.12_04.19.2024

CDOT Bentley OpenRoads Designer (ORD) software, ORD 2022 R3 (10.12) version.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will be using the upgraded Bentley OpenRoads Designer (ORD) software, ORD 2022 R3 (10.12) version on all new CDOT projects effective May 2nd, 2024.

It is important not to mix ORD software versions within a project to avoid any version issues and to ensure the project team is utilizing the correct ORD workspace. For this reason, the decision to upgrade a CDOT project to the OpenRoads Designer 2022 R3 (ORD10.12) will be made by the Project Manager and the Resident Engineer responsible for the project. However, the decision should include all project team members working with ORD. Once a decision has been made, every specialty group team member should know which version of ORD should be used on the specified project.

For those projects that are currently using the Bentley OpenRoads Designer (ORD 10.10) 2021 Release 1 (R1), and would like to upgrade to the Bentley OpenRoads Designer 2022 R3 (ORD10.12) , the instructions on how to upgrade the project can be found below.

The Workspace was released on May 2, 2024.

Instructions on how to upgrade your project.

  • Updating CDOT ProjectWise Projects to use ORD 10.12 
    • The CDOT WorkSpace Standards have been updated to work with OpenRoads Designer (ORD) Connect Edition 2022 Release 3, Projects created after the CDOT ORD 2022 R3 (10.12) WorkSpace implementation will be configured to use the new WorkSpace.