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Crash Cushions, End Treatments and Barrier Guide. The information provided in this Crash Cushion and End Treatment Selection Guide is issued by the Project Development Branch to aid designers in the proper selection and use of the hardware. Unless a hardware item is specified for use by CDOT's M & S Standard Plans, or has been formally adopted for use by the Department, the selection and use of individual items is at the Engineer's discretion. The Engineer should provide for competitive bidding between functionally equivalent devices when design conditions allow.
File Standard Guidelines for Review and Acceptance of an Impact Attenuator
File object code Introduction and Glossary
Crash Cushions and End Treatments are devices designed to reduce the severity of an impact by an errant vehicle. They may be located in medians, gore areas, or along the roadside. Here are some terms that explain them more.
File List of Manufacturers for Crash Cushions, End Treatments, and Barrier Selections
For additional information on crash cushions, end treatments, and barriers, refer to the AASHTO “Roadside Design Guide”, or the CDOT M&S Standards, or the CDOT Roadway Design Manual.
File Application Table for Crash Cushions, End Treatments, and Barriers.
A chart of approved products and the requirements that they meet.
File chemical/x-isostar Crash Cushion and End Treatment Selection Guide Device Summaries
Useful links to the product's websites for further research.
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