Dispute Resolution Process

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Colorado Contractors’ Association (CCA) jointly developed a Dispute and Claim Resolution Process that provides the foundation to resolve issues at the lowest level on a project. When an issue cannot be resolved within the contract at the project level, it then becomes a "dispute". When the dispute cannot be resolved within the contract at the project level, it shall be presented to the Dispute Review Board (DRB). If CDOT and the Contractor are unable to resolve the dispute after a DRB provides a recommendation, the dispute escalates to a claim.

Project First on Construction Projects - Project First formalizes the partnering process to proactively identify and manage risks – to CDOT, Contractors, the traveling public, business owners and many others – through collaboration; the ultimate goal is to create project wins while maintaining relationships.

Dispute Review Board - CDOT maintains a list of approved DRB Candidates on this webpage who are experienced in highway construction processes and the interpretation of contract documents. This webpage also includes the CDOT Dispute Review Board Candidate Solicitation, the CDOT Code of Ethics and Nominee Disclosure Requirements, the CDOT Dispute Review Board Nominee Disclosure, past Dispute Review Board Recommendations, and links to the CDOT Dispute and Claim forms and specifications.