Soils & Geotechnical Services

The mission of the Soils & Geotechnical Services is to provide geotechnical expertise during scoping, design, construction, and maintenance of CDOT projects to achieve the best transportation system for Colorado.

Geotechnical engineering is a subdiscipline of civil engineering specializing in the characterization and behavior of earth materials with specific emphasis on their interaction and influence on the design and performance of civil engineering structures. Geotechnical engineering is an essential part of the planning, design, and implementation of transportation projects.

CDOT has a long history of projects in which geotechnical engineering plays a major role. The CDOT Soils & Geotechnical Services provides a full range of geotechnical services that include not only geotechnical explorations and recommendations, but also design and construction inspection support. The Soils & Geotechnical Services works collaboratively with the Geohazards Services to evaluate geotechnical and geological hazards such as embankment and slope failures, landslides, sink holes, debris flows and others, as they affect safety and mobility along with providing emergency services for these features.

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