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CDOT offers engineering training classes to partners in the transportation community. For more information on available courses and registration, please visit CDOT's transportation engineering training program site.

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TESTING: June 20, 2018

New: June 15, 2020

CDOT is transitioning toward accepting all submittals, forms, project records and supporting documents in electronic format.  During the transition period from paper to an electronic medium, unless specifically stated, documents and forms listed on this website will be accepted from your agency in paper or electronic format, although electronic format is preferred and may be required by the CDOT Engineering Region where your project is located.

Electronic Signatures

Procedural Directive (PD) 508.1, Requirements for the Use of the Professional Engineer's Seal, was issued on May 31, 2019.  The PD requires that Adobe Sign be the software used for electronic seals on project records which require seals (which includes a signature).  Adobe Sign facilitates automated workflows including the ability to route project records for acknowledgement and electronic signing.

Records Management

Bentley ProjectWise Explorer is CDOT's Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for archiving all electronic project records.  Project Share is a cloud-based software tool hosted in the Bentley / Microsoft Azure Cloud used for document collaboration.  Project Share connects to and synchronizes with ProjectWise Explorer.

You are required to file applicable project records and supporting documents on an ongoing basis in Project Share after being provided access to the site by your CDOT project manager.  Project records on local agency projects will be retained according to retention periods described in the Construction Engineering Record File Plan (Record File Plan).

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