Permit Process

Utilities/Special Use Permit Process - Introduction

State and federal law authorizes utility companies to locate facilities within the state highway right of way. In order to accommodate such facilities in an orderly and non-disruptive manner, the Colorado Department of Transportation has established procedures for permitting the installation and maintenance of utilities along state highways. Procedures have also been developed for coordinating activities with utility companies when state highway construction would affect utility lines.

Additionally, since there are other types of activities that take place within the state highway right of way that can affect the flow of traffic - such as landscaping or surveying, these activities are subject to the same type of permitting process that is used for utilities.

Note: Construction of access (driveways) from private property to state highways requires an Access Permit. Click here for more information about Access Permits

General Process

Utility and Special Use Permits are issued from the appropriate local CDOT Regional Utilities Permit Coordinator
Permit applications may be obtained on our Forms Page, or from the Regional Offices. For first-time applicants, it is suggested that the Region be contacted for assistance in filling out an application.