SH 144 closed from US 34 to SH 39 due to flooding

June 23, 2015 - Northeastern Colorado/CDOT Region 4 - MORGAN COUNTY – The Colorado Department of Transportation has closed State Highway 144 from US 34 to SH 39 due to high water that is eroding the area around the roadway.

The area is near the town of Orchard just north of Morgan County Road V.

Crews have been on the site most of the day and around 3:30 p.m. decided to close the road after the rising water started to undercut the road and expose utility lines in the area.

Detours are in place (see map below).

This section of road was hit hard during the flood of 2013 and built back in a temporary fashion during the emergency repair phase. A permanent repair for this area is in the design phase now.

After the high water recedes, crews will have to go in and backfill the areas that have eroded before the road can be reopened. There is no anticipated timeframe.