I-25 Express Lanes carpoolers must use switchable pass for HOV

July 29, 2015 - Denver Metro/CDOT Region 1 - Carpool requirements have changed.

DENVER – Carpool requirements on the I-25 Express Lanes recently changed with the start of toll collection on Phase 1 of the US 36 Express Lanes. The change, which took place on July 22, requires drivers on both highways to get the new switchable pass to travel in the Express Lanes for free as a carpool.

Now that the current I-25 Express Lanes into downtown Denver are open for both tolled and HOV vehicles, it’s important for users to obtain a switchable pass so that they can indicate their status as HOV users and not receive a charge. The pass saves single drivers money by not having to pay a license plate surcharge and can be used for tolls on the NorthWest Parkway, E-470 and all of Colorado’s Express Lanes. Drivers always have a choice to use the Express Lanes or to choose the two free general purpose lanes.

“Our testing time has ended, so drivers will see the changes on the US 36 and I-25 Express Lanes,” said HPTE Director Michael Cheroutes. “The switchable pass will save money for those who plan to use the Express Lanes by either indicating their status as an HOV vehicle and therefore waiving any toll, or by indicating their status as a Single Occupancy Vehicle and charging a toll but avoiding the license plate surcharge.”

To get a pass, go to expresslanes.codot.gov or expresstoll.com. You will receive the pass in three to five business days or you can pick it up in person at ExpressToll Service Center, 22470 E. 6th Parkway, Suite 110, Aurora.

The toll rates for the Express Lanes change depending on the time of day and are posted on overhead signage. Single drivers who already have a pass can keep their current passes. Motorcycle drivers will also need an account and pass to use the lanes for free.

The US 36 Express Lanes Project is a multi-modal project that is building an express lane in each direction on US 36, in addition to the two free general purpose lanes. The Express Lanes accommodate High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and tolled vehicles. In addition, the project is replacing several bridges, building a commuter bikeway, adding BRT improvements, and installing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for tolling, transit and traveler information, and incident management.  Phase 1, from Federal Boulevard to 88th Street in Louisville/Superior, is open. Phase 2, from 88th Street to Table Mesa Drive in Boulder, will open in 2016.

For more information, visit www.codot.gov/programs/expresslanes,  www.codot.gov/projects/US36ExpressLanes, or our mobile website at m.us36expresslanes.com. To receive free email updates during the project, click on the cell phone icon in the upper right corner. You can then subscribe to a variety of lists including “US 36 Express Lanes Project.”