CDOT Wants Drinkers Everywhere to “Know Their Limit”

September 2, 2015 - Traffic Safety - Events Offer Chance to Win Alcohoot Breathalyzers and Uber Rides.

STATEWIDE — Technology may be the answer to curbing the amount of drinking and driving in Colorado. Through widespread use of personal breathalyzers, which provide an estimate of one’s blood-alcohol level, people across the state will have the ability to make safe and responsible decisions when they’re drinking. And with ride-hailing apps, drinkers can get around safely and avoid impaired driving altogether. To encourage people to use this technology, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is hosting a number of events over Labor Day weekend in downtown Denver. CDOT is partnering with Alcohoot, one of the leading personal breathalyzer brands, and Uber, the largest ride-hailing service in the world, to host the events as a way to demonstrate how technology is helping people make safe and responsible decisions when they drink.

The events will offer LoDo patrons and Rockies attendees the chance to test out and win the Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer, and the opportunity to win discounted and free Uber rides home. On Friday, Sept. 4, and Saturday, Sept. 5, the event will be at the LoDo parking lot at 20th St. and Market St. from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. OnSunday, Sept. 6, the event will be inside Coors Field at Section 113 during the Rockies game, and after the game at the designated Uber pickup and drop-off lot located at 22nd St. and Blake St. (Coors Field MVP Lot).

“Everyone knows drinking and driving is bad, yet people still do it,” said Sam Cole, Safety Communications Manager at CDOT. “Personal breathalyzers can be very helpful in actually knowing if you have hit the .05 blood alcohol limit. That said, you can still be arrested if you show signs of impairment even though you are below the limit. So the safest option of all is to not drive when you drink and take an alternative way home, such as Uber.”

The events coincide with the Labor Day DUI enforcement period and launch of CDOT’s DUI awareness campaign, “A Few Can Still Be Dangerous.” The campaign serves as an important reminder that even if an individual has only had a few drinks, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive. Research has down that the group most at risk of driving impaired, 21- to 35-year-old males, do not think a few drinks can impair their ability to drive.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with two industry leaders that help people stay safe while drinking,” said Cole. “Both partners fit perfectly with our current campaign, ‘A Few Can Still Be Dangerous.’ Alcohoot’s smartphone breathalyzer helps you know if you’ve had too much, and Uber gets you home safely and avoid the risk of a DUI.”

“Alcohoot is very proud to join CDOT and Uber in this innovative approach to promoting safety and responsibility,” said Chris Ayala, the CEO of Alcohoot's parent company, Vertisense Inc. “By embracing advances in sensor technology and transportation, the State of Colorado has again proven itself to be a leader in the effort to reduce impaired driving by combining education and technology."

“Denver has numerous transportation options, so drinking and driving shouldn't ever be one of them,” said Will McCollum, General Manager of Uber Colorado. “This weekend, people can enjoy their friends and family, and when they're ready to go, just tap a button to get home.”

To view the commercials and other campaign creative for “A Few Can Still Be Dangerous,” visit:

In 2014, the Labor Day DUI enforcement resulted in 1,102 statewide arrests from 95 participating law enforcement agencies. In 2014, there were 165 DUI related fatalities, according to preliminary data.

The CDOT Highway Safety Office provides funding to Colorado law enforcement for impaired driving enforcement, education and awareness campaigns.

The Heat Is On campaign runs throughout the year with 12 specific high visibility impaired driving enforcement periods centered on national holidays and large public events. Enforcement periods can include sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols and additional law enforcement on duty dedicated to impaired driving enforcement. More details about the campaign, including impaired driving enforcement plans, arrest totals and safety tips can be found at

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