Rainbow Falls Bridge Rehab Complete -- CO 24 Business Route Open

October 31, 2016 - Southeastern Colorado/CDOT Region 2 - Other area construction continues

Manitou Springs – Following six months of construction, the Rainbow Falls Bridge Rehabilitation project is now complete and reopened to traffic. Wildcat Construction rehabilitated the bridge which included repairing the existing concrete deck surface, installing new bridge rails, repairing damaged guard rail, and reinforcing the underlying floor beams, arches, columns, and piers. After the initial assessment last spring, it was determined that the bridge needed additional repairs requiring more construction work than initially anticipated.

“We needed to complete the $1.9 million Rainbow Falls Bridge project first before we could begin paving Manitou Avenue at the east end of town this fall,” said Dave Watt, CDOT Resident Engineer. “With the Rainbow Falls project complete, it allowed for us to finish the paving and guardrail work in that area. Last week we were able to open the Colorado Highway 24 East ramp on the west side of Manitou Springs.”

In September, CDOT and Contractor Kiewit Infrastructure started a roadway resurfacing project on CO 24 (Manitou Avenue). The project consists of an asphalt overlay along Manitou Avenue, drainage, guardrail work, and upgrades of ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The work located at CO 24 west of the City of Manitou Springs is now complete.

Work continues on Manitou Avenue (between Manitou Springs City Hall and East CO 24 on-ramp). Asphalt overlay on the existing pavement and thirty ADA ramps are being updated.  Garden of the Gods Place is closed while repairs are made to the concrete deck of the bridge structure located in this area. Drainage improvements are also being made at intersection of Manitou Avenue and Garden of the Gods Place. “For the safety of the traveling public there will be parking and lane restrictions to complete this work,” said CDOT Resident Engineer, Dan Hunt.  “We communicate traffic impacts on a weekly basis to the community so there are no surprises.”

The City of Manitou Springs, El Paso County and CDOT have numerous projects in the area. The projects are a combination of much needed rehabilitation and improvements, some of which are specifically geared toward improving safety as a result of flooding, some are enhancements to public access and others are for restoration.

City of Manitou Springs projects include:

  • Slope Stabilization Sunshine Trail (Washington Bypass) south of CO 24: Project underway and   Washington Bypass currently closed.  Anticipated completion late Dec. 2016.

  • Manitou Avenue West End Pedestrian and Drainage Improvements (Phase 5C): Project start -- TBD; Project completion – TBD. Project was recently approved and will begin once the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between City of Manitou Springs and CDOT is executed. Upon completion the IGA design will need to be finalized. 

  • Manitou Springs, Downtown Pedestrian and Drainage Improvements: Project start -- Spring 2017; Project completion - Spring 2018; Proposed improvements will include bridge repairs and other storm drain system improvements.

  • Canon/Park AV Bridge Rehabilitation: Project start -- January 2017; Project completion – May 2017

For more information about the City of Manitou Springs projects, call 719-685-2594

El Paso County projects include:

  • Rainbow Falls Access Improvement Project - Transportation Enhancement Grant: Proposed improvements include bank stabilization, service road/trail surfacing, pedestrian plaza at the base of the Falls, park amenities, bridge, and parking lot improvements. Project start -- late 2016.

  • Westside Avenue Action Plan utility work, US 24 Interchange east along Manitou Avenue: Project start -- late 2016. Completion is yet to be determined.

For more information about the El Paso County projects call, 719-520-6540

The CDOT projects include:

  • Site A Resurfacing and Guardrail on U.S. 24 (Ramp) east to Serpentine Drive: Project complete

  • Site B Resurfacing Project (Manitou Avenue, City Hall to westbound US 24 ramps asphalt overlay, ADA Ramp upgrades, intersection of Manitou Avenue and Garden of the Gods Place drainage work, and Garden of the Gods Place bridge deck rehabilitation over Fountain Creek): September to December

  • Rainbow Falls Bridge Rehabilitation Project: Project complete

  • Rainbow Falls Bridge Area Aesthetics Project: TBD

  • In addition, the I-25/Cimarron Interchange is under reconstruction: now through December 2017

For more information about the CDOT projects, call 719-488-5908

Traffic information about this or other CDOT projects is on the cotrip.org website, by calling 511 or via subscription e-mail or text.  To subscribe, please visit www.codot.gov and click on the small envelope icon at the bottom of the page. The link takes you to a list of items you can subscribe to, including Southeast Colorado.