Safety Doesn’t Stop After 4/20 — CDOT Extends Lyft Discounts

April 25, 2017 - Statewide Safety - Nearly 3,000 Free or Discounted Rides Claimed During Campaign


STATEWIDE — 4/20, the unofficial marijuana holiday has passed, but the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will extend its partnership with ridesharing company, Lyft, until May 12 in a continued effort to encourage cannabis users to think ahead and plan a safe, sober ride before they get high.

The “320 Movement,” which started on March 20 and now continues into mid-May, involves 17 Lyft vehicles wrapped with green “Plan a ride before you’re high” messaging. If riders are picked up by a wrapped vehicle, they’ll receive up to $15 off their ride. CDOT and Lyft have also issued a new Lyft discount code at valid throughMay 12 to encourage Coloradans to plan ahead before they’re high.

Download video and photos from CDOT and Lyft’s partnership, which included 17 wrapped Lyft vehicles, miniature 420 mile marker signs, a giant crashed car edible display and more here:

The CDOT and Lyft partnership focused on reaching marijuana users and encouraging them to plan a sober ride when they’re high. Some key numbers from the partnership: 

     3,000 — The number of free or discounted rides claimed during the 320 Movement campaign.

     10,000+ — Number of people who visited the website in the week leading up to 4/20.

     3 major Colorado metro areas targeted — Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs.

     875,000+ — Number of views on CDOT social media posts encouraging marijuana users to find the 420 mile markers, claim ride codes at and plan a sober ride before they get high.

     40,000+ — Number of attendees at the 420 Rally in Downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park who saw campaign videos that dispelled common misconceptions about driving high.

     9,525 — Capacity at Red Rocks Amphitheater for the Method Man and Red Man show on 4/19, where CDOT displayed a giant, 3D marijuana edible/crashed car sculpture to highlight the dangers of driving after consuming edibles.

     17 — Percent of DUIs that involved marijuana in 2016 (Colorado State Patrol).

     55 — Percent of marijuana users in a 2016 CDOT survey who said they believed it was safe to drive under the influence of marijuana. An alarming statistic given the fact that marijuana affects reaction time, judgment, motor skills and perception of time and distance.

 “Our goal is for marijuana users to realize that driving while high is dangerous,” said Sam Cole, Safety Communications Manager for CDOT. “Just like with alcohol, it’s important to create a habit to plan ahead for a sober ride whenever you’re consuming cannabis.”

 “With nearly 3,000 discounted or free rides, this has been an incredibly successful partnership,” said Gabe Cohen, General Manager for Lyft. “Lyft is pleased to continue working with CDOT to highlight this important safety first message when it comes to impaired driving.”

CDOT launched Drive High, Get a DUI in 2014 — a public outreach and education campaign to raise awareness about the dangers and laws surrounding driving while under the influence of cannabis. For more information, visit the CDOT website.