Crews on CO 67 Resurfacing Project Break for Holiday, Plan for Completion

Dec. 21, 2017 -

A project that is resurfacing Colorado Highway 67 at two locations will be on holiday break through Sunday, Jan. 7.

The work—on CO 67 between Cripple Creek and Divide (Site A), and between Woodland Park and Westcreek (Site B)—includes roadway surface treatment only (paving, guardrail installation, bridge work, signing, and striping).

The project will again be shut down from late February to early May 2018.


At Site A (mile points 52.3 to 69.6):

  • Crews completed 18 miles of a recycling process known as cold in-place, through which they apply milled asphalt to the roadway and overlay it with 1.5 inches of asphalt. They also added guardrail to the site
  • Crews have completed 97 percent of mainline paving work.
  • The team has placed rumble strips.

Weather permitting, the team will replace guardrail and complete embankment work through February. If needed, they may also restripe for safety purposes.

The project will be shut down from late February to early May 2018.

Site B (mile points 77.5 to 91.7):

  • Crews are paving 13 miles of CO 67, and have extended the project limit one mile in each direction.
  • The team completed mainline paving and temporary striping.

Weather permitting, the team will complete shoulder, patching and embankment work through February.

"The project will temporarily shut down in late February. The community can expect to see us back at work in early May to complete final striping, delineators, final approaches and mainline paving of 1,250 feet at Site A," said CDOT Project Engineer Randy Johnson. "We will still have patching, bridge sealing and paving of a few approaches in Site B.

"To maintain the quality of the construction project, and for the safety of the traveling public and our workers, we felt it was important to shift some of the final construction activities into early spring."

CDOT will keep its stakeholders and the surrounding communities informed about the project progress. It aims to have this project complete by Memorial Day weekend 2018.

Construction schedules are subject to change based on weather. Not all activities can be conducted in cold weather. Some activities dependent on winter temperatures include restriping, asphalt paving and pouring concrete. The construction team keeps a close eye on the forecast to plan upcoming work.