PROJECT UPDATE*: Final Paving, Signal Detection on US 40 through Elk River Road Intersection

October 13, 2017 - Work underway this weekend and a partial closure of US 40 at Elk River Road Monday through Wednesday

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS—Crews expect to construct final paving on US 40 through the intersection with Elk River Road starting Saturday through Thursday, October 26—work that will require lane closures and a two-day partial closure of the intersection, and cause daytime delays.

Traffic Impacts
Oct. 14-21:

    Saturday and Sunday during the day, October 14 and 15th, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., traffic on US 40 through the Elk River Road intersection will be shifted to allow workers to construct a widened shoulder on eastbound US 40.
    Monday morning through Wednesday morning, Oct. 16 through the morning of the 18th, the intersection of US 40 and Elk River Road will be PARTIALLY CLOSED from Shield Drive to Curve Court, with breaks for morning and evening peak travel periods. The partial closure will be in effect from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday and Tuesday during the day, and then from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday and Tuesday nights.
    < r />During the partial closure periods, the one travel movement that will remain open is from westbound US 40 (Lincoln Ave.) onto northbound Elk River Road. This will enable travelers to access businesses in and near Kamar Plaza. For closed movements at the intersection, a detour will be in place utilizing Curve Court, Shield Drive and Downhill Drive.

    The partial closure will allow crews to install loop detection under the roadway (for vehicle-signal communications) and place two layers of new asphalt across the full width of US 40. On the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 18, US 40 will be set up in its new and final traffic configuration from Shield Drive to Curve Court. (Final traffic configuration for Elk River Road will take place after paving on Thursday.)
  • In the weeks following the partial intersection closures on Monday and Tuesday, only daytime lane shifts through the intersection are expected. Details and ongoing project updates are sent each weekend (to subscribe to e-mail updates, see below).
  • A wide-load restriction of 12 feet through the intersection remains in place 24/7.
  • Travelers will also encounter single-lane, alternating traffic near the KOA, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., where final drainage work is underway.

The project began in May and is scheduled for completion by late November. The following is a summary of work items accomplished and those yet to be completed:

  • Approximately 50 percent of the new asphalt has been laid within the US 40/Elk River Road intersection; over the next three weeks, the paving will be completed
  • Drainage improvements at the intersection are complete;
  • Sidewalk at the intersection will be completed by the end of October;
  • All electrical work for the new signal is complete; crews will be installing under-pavement loop detectors (for signal-vehicle detection) before all features are activated;
  • All roadway widening to accommodate intersection upgrades will be complete by the end of this upcoming week (Oct. 20);
  • Drainage work at US 40 and County Road 42 is complete;
  • Drainage work at US 40 adjacent to the KOA will be done by week's end (Oct. 20);
  • Final paving will be completed at these two above areas (where these additional drainage improvements and roadway repairs were necessary) by Oct. 27, and the right-turn lane onto CR 42 will be opened;
  • All shouldering work along US 40 will commence in early November;
  • New City of Steamboat Springs sidewalks at the Elk River Road intersection will be under construction in early November;
  • Landscaping at the intersection will take place in November.

Project Info

CDOT contracted this project to Flatiron Construction for $6.9 million. It is a combination intersection, resurfacing, sidewalk and city waterline construction project, in partnership with the City of Steamboat Springs.

Major work items include:

  • Asphalt resurfacing (the existing top layer of asphalt was "milled" to address surface cracking and imperfections then overlaid with a new layer of asphalt) from east of Routt County Road 33A to Elk River Road (MP 126.0 to 130.6)
  • Shouldering and drainage improvements
  • Intersection and signal work at US 40 and Elk River Road
  • Approximately 1,800 feet of new sidewalk between Shield Drive and Riverside Plaza on the south side
  • Curb ramp improvements to add wheelchair accessibility at all four corners of Elk River Road/US 40 and along the new section of sidewalk (at three intersections and one access)

Stay Informed

Those interested in staying up to date on the project and work schedule can do so by visiting the project webpage at The project public information line is 970-819-3558.