Project Update: US 40 Steamboat Springs West Project to include rock excavation, repairs and drainage work to section at RCR 42

September 8, 2017 - Northwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 3 - STEAMBOAT SPRINGS - The Colorado Department of Transportation and contractor Flatiron Construction expect to complete roadway work on US 40 at Routt County Road 42 and near the KOA Campground by the end of September.

 Currently, these sections have a rough surface, where crews milled the top layer of asphalt to remove surface cracks and imperfections prior to paving.

While paving has been completed along the majority of US 40 extending east of the project limit at Elk River Road, the resurfacing progress at the west end (CR 42 and near the KOA) was delayed due to unanticipated site conditions there; specifically, the rock material was potentially undermining the roadway which could have impacted US 40 greatly if the current method was continued, the project team is evaluating the safest method to proceed with the rock excavation and will continue that work in the upcoming week. Additional crews have been brought onto the job site to expedite the completion of these portions. Prior to paving these portions, the contractor needs to excavate rock, install drainage improvements, place new road base material and apply asphalt patching.

Major work items for this project include:

  • Asphalt resurfacing (including a "milled" surface that has been overlaid with a new layer of asphalt from east of Routt County Road 33A to Elk River Road (MP 126.0 to 130.6)

  • Shouldering and drainage improvements on US 40 and at the intersection with Elk River Road

  • Intersection and signal safety and mobility upgrades at US 40 and Elk River Road

  • Approximately 1,800 feet of new sidewalk between Shield Drive and Riverside Plaza on the south side

  • Curb ramp improvements to add wheelchair accessibility at all four corners of Elk River Road/US 40 and along the new section of sidewalk (at three intersections and one access)

TRAVEL IMPACTS - As work gets underway at the project’s west end Wednesday, September 13, motorists will encounter traffic shifts near CR 42. If single-lane closures are necessary, they will begin after 8 AM for eastbound traffic, and will end before 4 PM for westbound; the speed is reduced to 35 mph through this area. At the intersection with Elk River Road, the speed is reduced to 25 mph, and there is a wide load restriction of 12 feet at all times through the project’s completion in late November.

STAY CONNECTED - Those interested in staying up to date on the project and work schedule can do so by visiting the project webpage at (click on the ALERTS icon in the upper right corner, follow the instructions to sign up for “US 40 Steamboat Springs” under the Projects list). The project public information line is 970-819-3558.