CDOT, Contractor begin improvements to US 40, Steamboat Springs East to Rabbit Ears Pass Summit

April 27, 2018 - Northwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 3

ROUTT COUNTY - The Colorado Department of Transportation is beginning a project on US 40 on the west side of Rabbit Ears Pass on April 30, with an anticipated completion date of mid to late October. The work, contracted to United Companies for $6.4 million, repairs and resurfaces 12.2 miles of highway between Walton Creek Road (mile point 135.3) and the summit of Rabbit Ears Pass (MP 147.5).

In addition, crews will replace a drainage culvert east of the summit at MP 151.92 (there is a no-work zone between the resurfacing and culvert project areas, from mp 147.5 to mp 151.4). Specifically, the project work items include:

  • Milling of the top 2.5 inches of existing asphalt to address surface cracks and imperfections, followed by an overlay of 2 inches of asphalt

  • Guardrail replacement

  • Culvert replacement

  • Erosion control

  • Frost heave (uplift of asphalt due to freeze expansion) repairs on the roadway

  • Signs modifications and new striping

TRAVEL IMPACTS THROUGH MID/LATE OCTOBER - During the first week of construction, starting April 30, motorists can anticipate travel impacts in two separate work zones, Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and until noon on Friday:

  1. At the east end of Steamboat Springs, near Walton Creek Road, motorists will encounter some traffic shifts and/or single-lane, alternating traffic for roadway repairs; the speed is reduced to 35 mph and a width restriction of 10 feet is in place during work hours.

  2. On Rabbit Ears Pass, near MP 141, there will be a traffic shift (with a reduction of three lanes down to two) for frost heave (roadway damage) repairs; the speed will be reduced to 35 mph and the 10-foot width restriction will be in place during work hours.

In general, throughout the 12.2-mile resurfacing work zone, motorists will encounter single-lane, alternating travel from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and until noon on Friday. When work is underway on the culvert east of the summit, traffic will use a two-lane detour around the work area. The speed limit will be reduced to 35 mph and a width restriction of 10 feet will be in place during work hours. Weekend work is possible later in the project, if necessary to expedite completion. Motorists are urged to avoid distractions when driving through the work zone and to go Slow for the Cone Zone!

STAY CONNECTED - Those interested in staying up to date on the project and work schedule can do so by visiting the project web site at (click on the ALERTS icon, follow the instructions to sign up for “Email News Updates,” then choose “US 40 Steamboat Springs” under the Projects list). The project public information line is 970-819-6333 and the email address is [email protected].