Crews to Demolish CO 59 Bridge Over I-70 this Weekend in Eastern Colorado

April 13, 2018 - I-70 traffic diverted to on- and off-ramps during closure

Crews will demolish a bridge this weekend at CO 59 over I-70 following a crash Thursday, April 12, that left the bridge severely damaged.

CDOT has diverted all I-70 traffic to the on- and off-ramps around the bridge; CO 59 traffic (except for local traffic) is detoured at Cope and Kit Carson. Local traffic will have stop signs at I-70 so that I-70 traffic will be free-flowing.

This weekend, emergency crews will demolish the bridge and clear I-70 of the debris. When that is complete, I-70 will reopen in both directions.

CDOT is moving quickly through emergency contracting to get the bridge rebuilt as soon as possible, but this will be a lengthy closure for CO 59. Traffic detours for 59 will be assessed after I-70 is open.

"This is a rapidly moving situation," said CDOT Regional Transportation Director Johnny Olson. "We are moving quickly, but safety is always our top priority. The closures plus the storm hitting the area right now means we need everyone to slow down so everyone makes it home safe."

Speed limits in the area have been reduced to 30 mph through the ramp detour. Speeds will also be reduced leading up to the detour. Extensive traffic warning signs have been posted in and around the closures. Expect delays in this area through the weekend.