Kyrgyzstan Analyzing CDOT’s Best Clean-Up Practices

April 18, 2018 - Transportation Matters

A television crew from Kyrgyzstan spent the morning of April 24 documenting how CDOT keeps the areas along its highways clean. The Kyrgyzstan State Television Channel ELTR crew recorded and interviewed CDOT volunteers as they picked up and disposed of debris and other trash along a three-mile segment of US 36 near Lyons.

The program—"Waste Management in the United States: Is There a Way to Clean All the Litter?"—will air in Kyrgyzstan and document how solid waste disposal is managed in the United States. CDOT's segment will highlight how ordinary citizens help reduce litter in their local environment. It is also exploring best practices in the United States at reducing and recycling solid waste.

Kyrgyzstan has no waste processing or incineration facilities. Since the country gained independence in 1991, nearly 15 million tons of waste have reportedly accumulated in legal dumps across its biggest cities. With a population of about six million people, the country produces 1.5 million tons of waste annually—all of which goes into landfills.

The U.S. State Department worked cooperatively with CDOT to film the documentary. In addition to this segment, the crew is also observing other entities, such as New York City, that have large litter challenges.


Nearly all of CDOT's $1.2 billion budget is dedicated to maintaining the existing transportation system and over 23,000 lane miles of state highways.