HPTE Board Approves Toll Adjustments for US 36 and I-25 Express Lanes

June 21, 2018 -

DENVER METRO AREA—In a move toward next-generation Express Lane traffic management, the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) Board approved Plenary Roads Denver's (PRD) request to begin the transition of the US 36 and I-25 Central (I-25 from downtown Denver to US 36) Express Lanes corridors from fixed time-of-day pricing to dynamic pricing at the July 20 board meeting.

This is the first step in a process, which will include testing dynamic pricing this fall, with plans to complete the transition to full dynamic tolling in 2020.

With dynamic pricing, Express Lanes rates will be continually adjusted according to real-time traffic conditions to maintain free-flowing levels of traffic. Toll rates will increase when the Express Lanes get congested and decrease when the Express Lanes are less full.

This advanced technology will help to maintain reliable travel times. Drivers will see the toll rates displayed on the overhead electronic message boards prior to each Express Lanes entrance. Drivers can expect the dynamic prices to be similar to the fixed time-of-day prices that they currently see on US 36 and I-25.

Additionally, the HPTE Board approved a toll adjustment along the I-25 North Express Lanes from US 36 to 120th Avenue. The toll-rate adjustment is an increase of 5 cents to 15 cents (depending on the time of travel) for drivers with an ExpressToll account and pass, and 21 cents to 40 cents for LPT users. The toll rates adjustment is to account for increased operations and maintenance costs. The new rates will go into effect on July 1, 2018.

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