TRAVEL ALERT : CDOT to Take Advantage of Warm Temperatures In Downtown Durango

January 16, 2019 - Durango, CO

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) urges motorists traveling through downtown Durango to slow down. Over the next few hours snow plows will be moving snow from the shoulder of the roadway and feathering the snow onto the driving lanes of US Highway 550 Main Avenue and Camino Del Rio. Motorists will need to be aware of the slushy snow on the road and drive with extreme caution.

CDOT Maintenance Deputy Superintendent, John Palmer explained that the warm temperatures coupled with salt brine deposited in the snow will assist with an accelerated melt.

“It’s an unexpected method, but If we can push and feather the snow onto the driving lanes the warm road surface and warm air temperature will work with the de-icing liquid which our plows have been spreading on the highway over the past few days,” said Palmer.

It is anticipated that most of the snow on the road will melt by late this afternoon. Any snow or slush that might remain on the highway will be pushed to the shoulder again this evening.