CDOT urges drivers, cyclists to share the road during June 2 cycling event

May 30, 2019 -

One of the region's largest annual cycling events is taking place on Sunday, June 2, and CDOT is urging drivers to be prepared to share the road with approximately 6,000 bicyclists.

Beginning at 5:30 a.m. June 2, and continuing until mid-afternoon, bicyclists participating in the Elephant Rock cycling event will be using state and local roads in southern Douglas, western Elbert and northern El Paso counties. The following state highways are part of the route:

  • CO 83 between Lake Gulch Road and El Paso County Road 105
  • CO 86 between Walker Road, just west of Franktown, and Elbert Road

As part of CDOT's "Whole System, Whole Safety" initiative, all motorists and bicyclists are strongly encouraged to use extra caution and share the road as more people are cycling state and local roads this spring, summer and fall.

Share the Road Tips for Drivers

  • Give cyclists at least three feet of space when passing
    Do this if it's safe—even if it requires crossing the center line—or risk a ticket.
  • Wait a few seconds
    If you don't have three feet to pass, wait until there is enough room to pass safely.
  • Take a brake
    Reduce speed when encountering bicyclists.
  • Scan, then turn
    Look for bicyclists before making turns and make sure the road is clear before proceeding.

Share the Road Tips for Riders

  • Cyclists must ride as far right as possible and not impede traffic when passing other riders, or riding two abreast.
  • Side-by-side rule
    Ride no more than two abreast; move to single-file if riding two abreast impedes the flow of motorized traffic.
  • Ride predictably
    Scan the road, anticipate hazards and communicate your moves to others.
  • Signal first
    Use hand signals to alert nearby vehicles to turns or lane changes.

The Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement will be monitoring and assisting with traffic control during Sunday's event.

Whole System, Whole Safety

To heighten safety awareness, CDOT recently announced its Whole System, Whole Safety initiative. This project takes a systematic statewide approach to safety combining the benefits of CDOT’s programs that address driving behavior, our built environment and the organization's operations. The goal is to improve the safety of Colorado's transportation network by reducing the rate and severity of crashes and improving safety conditions for those traveling by all transportation modes. The program has one simple mission: to get everyone home safely.